Why Pay to Accept Cards?
Choose our Cash Discount Program to Save Fees and Interchange!

Our cash discount program gives you unlimited processing for a flat monthly fee. Depending on the size of the transaction amount, a non-cash price adjustment is passed through to the customer on all card transactions. The amount collected is used to cover processing and interchange cost allowing merchants to save nearly all the money they are currently paying in fees.

Keep what’s yours. RisePay's Cash Discount Program was designed to meet the challenges small merchants face when accepting cards. Oftentimes merchants pay out a significant amount of their revenue to accept credit cards. Our cash discount program allows merchants to accept cards without losing revenue.


  • Keep More Merchants
  • Process through a Virtual Terminal
  • Versatile Equipment Options
  • Increase Annual Savings
  • Provide Recurring Billing Option
  • Innovate Through a Unique
  • Payment Experience
Standard Program
Amount of Transactions Submitted: $57,985.78
Third Party Transactions: $0.00
Card Fees: $1,336.10
Total Fees Charged: $-1,336.10

Total cost of $1,336.10/month or $16,033.20 per year
Cash Discount Program
Amount of Transactions Submitted: $57,985.78
Equipment Lease: $49.00
Card Fees: $35.00
Total Fees Charged: $-84.00

Total cost of $84.00/month or $1,008.00 per year

Total Annual Savings*

*Annual Savings Estimated. Equipment Lease May Vary

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Chargeback Mitigation

Our comprehensive prevention and recovery program helps you reduce chargebacks and recover lost revenue.

A chargeback is when a consumer instructs their bank to reverse a transaction they have made. The consumer’s bank will take the money associated with the transaction out of the merchant’s bank account without notice. Consumers are expected to try and settle any problems directly with the merchant before filing a chargeback, but they don’t always do that. Too often, the first time a merchant hears about a dissatisfied consumer is after the chargeback has already been filed.

1. Chargeback Alerts and Prevention.

The unique alert system developed by Chargeback Fighter allows businesses the opportunity to turn chargeback claims into refunds. Simply by monitoring chargeback claims as they are created, we’ve helped many businesses reduce chargebacks by up to 40% using this program alone.

How it works:

  1. Chargeback Filed: Your customer calls bank to file chargeback.
  2. Alerts Merchant: Our alert system notifies the Merchant of the chargeback.
  3. Refund Opportunity: This creates an opportunity to provide a refund to the customer before the chargeback is processed

2. Chargeback Defense.

Chargeback Fighter uses a customized approach to conduct an in-depth analysis of the supporting documentation and data in order to dispute every chargeback and recover lost funds. The program enables merchants to seamlessly be engaged with a team of Chargeback Specialists that will manage the dispute and chargeback process.

Included in the Chargeback Defense:

  • Detailed in-depth reporting providing analytical information to understand why chargebacks are occurring
  • Chargeback Specialists with extensive expertise in the chargeback industry
  • Assistance with disputing and monitoring all chargeback cases
  • Loss mitigation and risk management
  • Performance based billing model
  • Continual education and assistance to further prevent chargebacks
  • Merchant online access to monitor and track the progress of their chargebacks
  • Dispute chargebacks on active and closed merchant accounts
  • Recover funds lost due to chargebacks
  • Assist merchants to minimize risks and liabilities while maximizing profits
  • Reduce chargeback volume
  • Protection against unforeseen chargebacks