Point of Sale (POS) Software

Rise Retail POSTM

Rise Retail POS is a feature-rich PCI/EMV compliant POS software application. This application works extremely well with barcode scanners and POS terminals hardware to neatly capture and organize sales, accounting, inventory tracking, transaction, order details, customer-loyalty, event scheduling and so much more. RisePAY POS platform has more features than the leading POS systems on the market and is made available to our clients and valued-partners at the lowest price in the marketplace.

Rise Mobile POSTM

Rise Mobile POS works just like a credit card acceptance terminal or payment gateway virtual terminal in which you can swipe cards or manually enter them, add a tip (optional), add an invoice number and allow card holders to digitally sign the receipt. Merchants will receive an email after a successful transaction is processed. Some benefits of the Rise Mobile POS include:

  • Real-time payment processing
  • Transaction history in Rise Payment Gateway™ for future retrieval if necessary
  • Transaction receipts via email
  • Mini encrypted card swipe device that plugs into Android or iOS headphone jack

Rise Mobile POS supports pin-based debit transactions using a mobile pin pad and can process electronic (ACH) check transactions (optional).

Rise Restaurant POSTM

Rise Restaurant POS is a very robust, cost-effective and reliable EMV-Ready cloud-based point of sale application. Rise Restaurant POS supports iOS and Android operating systems and accommodates café’s, coffee shops, diners, large and small and franchise restaurants, food trucks and indoor/outdoor events.

Terminals and PIN Pads

RisePAY provides countertop and wireless PCI/EMV compliant POS terminals and pin pads that capture credit, debit, EBT card and prepaid card loading transactions which communicate over landlines, TCIP, Wi-Fi and wireless 3G/LTE networks (such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Rogers and Bell in Canada). Our terminals arrive programmed and ready to use. Each terminal offers receipt customization and couponing capabilities as well as warranties and merchant support provided by RisePAY 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Support of all major POS terminal brands.
  • Proprietary Gift Card and Loyalty programs
  • Custom applications
  • In-house encryption and download center


ExaDigm N5 Tablet

Online Payment Gateway

The Rise Payment GatewayTM is robust, yet easy to use and integrate 3rd party applications and websites into. Rise GatewayTM is EMV-Ready, integrated with our Mobile, Retail and Restaurant POS solutions, POS terminals, PIN pads and check imagers and all the major payment networks. The Rise Gateway supports all the major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, ACH, Check21, PayPal, gift and loyalty cards. It also offers a cash transaction ledger for merchants who accept cash transactions and desire a single transaction reporting engine for tracking and accounting purposes. Rise Gateway is a fully-redundant, PCI level 1 certified service provider which makes RisePAY the most flexible, secure and cost-effective payment provider for both developers and merchants to process their business transactions.

  • Billing Management, simplify secure billing so all recurring, subscription and installment payments are managed through our PCI compliant proprietary systems.
  • Reporting, full transaction level detail. Real time within the payment gateway or via API.
  • Secure Vault and Tokenization, Resolves the issue of storing card information with the merchant hosting environment.
  • Data Analytics, convert data to valuable, user friendly information to measure productivity and retrieve marketing and sales data for your financial projections.
  • Highest level of SSL security on software and hardware levels.

The gateway does not require any special hardware and is accessible 24/7. Our web-based platform has all of the functionality of a retail terminal plus very sophisticated real time reporting functionality. All of these features add great value to our merchants. The gateway also allows for multiple users to simultaneously access the system to conduct or review transactions. It provides real time batching and is supported by many peripheral devices. Rise Payment Gateway can integrate with hardware and software systems including POS systems, order entry, IVR, inventory management, medical software, and accounting software solutions.

RisePAY maintains a very knowledgeable and savvy IT staff that supports the payment gateway and works on special projects to integrate and continually enhance gateway functionality.

Hosted Payments

The Hosted Page is a ‘Cloud Based’ integration solution that dramatically reduces the burden of PCI DSS compliance for merchants, and “de-scopes” POS software solutions from the onerous PA-DSS standard.The Hosted Page is a ‘Cloud Based’ integration solution that dramatically reduces the burden of PCI DSS compliance for merchants, and “de-scopes” POS software solutions from the onerous PA-DSS standard.

This solution is fully ‘brand able’ and requires minimal programming knowledge/effort to implement.

There are two primary methods for implementing this page:

  1. Traditional ‘Redirect/Post Back’ (Simple) Methodology
  2. Frame/Hosted Form (Advanced) Methodology

Integrated Payments

Businesses that run, develop and manage their own in-house technology need a reliable business provider who offers simple integration tools. The tools offered through RisePAY Integrated enable business owners to incorporate payments into their existing business management technology and streamline their operations, reducing or eliminating the scope of PCI compliance. The tools ultimately protect cardholder data and reduce the risk of data compromises, which can be very costly and potentially detrimental to business integrity and brand.

RisePAY supports two methods of transaction processing: real-time (API) and manual processing via our hosted secure virtual terminal.

RisePAY's real-time API transaction processing offers merchants real-time authorization results which are ideal for high and low volume call center and electronic commerce operations that require a real-time response. The API integration method offers the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available— Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital certificate technology. SSL technology is used to establish a secure connection to safeguard payment data in transit to our Payment Gateway.