Who We Are

RisePay is a unique payment focused organization driven to satisfy the growing needs of business owners who accept credit cards and other electronic forms of payments anywhere, anytime they do business. Our business objective remains sensitive to value, price and competitive product and brand disruption that is both important and essential to our valued customers and partnerships.

What We Do

RisePay simplifies the setup and ongoing support for business owners and/or their software developers in need of accepting credit cards both domestically and internationally. We provide the payment software, website checkout integration and the hardware needed to capture payments at the point of sale. We also provide instant and next-day transaction funding services for cash-flow sensitive merchants.

Why We're Different

RisePay owns our own payment technology platform, which provides our customers and partners with better pricing and better service. We are bank, processor, product and vendor neutral which means we leverage our expertise and technology platform to best accommodate our customer’s requirements, reducing their processing costs and enabling our customers to control their proprietary client data.